We know the best life insurance companies do more than set up your policy. That’s why we have a dedicated service team to answer questions about your coverage any time you need us.

Term & Permanent Life Insurance

Term life insurance lasts for a set, predetermined period, while whole or permanent life insurance lasts your entire life.

Permanent policies have higher rates than term insurance but they also have a value that will grow over time. With a permanent policy, you can also take out a loan from your insurer if you so choose.

An Enright Group Insurance agent can advise you on which option is best for your stage of life, budget, and career.




An annuity protects your retirement with a series of monthly insurance payments. It allows you to invest tax-free and requires an upfront payment.

Then the investor receives a lifelong stream of revenue from their investment until they pass away.



Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is beneficial for those with chronic or severe illness that interferes with their work.

This insurance coverage makes up for most wage earnings if the insured cannot work due to disability.



Final Expense Insurance

Final expense insurance seeks to cover the funeral and end-of-life expenses, as opposed to income replacement.

It usually has a smaller monthly payment than traditional life insurance but isn’t the most beneficial to every client.


Discussing life insurance with an East Texas insurance agent is the first step in protecting your family’s financial future. Plan for success with Enright Group Insurance.

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