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What Can You Expect Your Insurance Agency To Do For You?

We’ll explain how the process works from start to finish, keep you informed about what we find, and check-in after your policy is enacted to see if any of your needs have changed.

You’ll provide any information we need to compare rates, such as the names and ages of the primary drivers for car insurance. We will then collect quotes on your behalf, saving you hours of filling out online forms.   

We give each customer personal attention to make sure we understand what you need from your insurance coverage. You need an insurance broker who represents your best interests. That’s why Texans choose Enright Group Insurance.

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Enright Group Insurance is the Leader in Lindale, TX

  • We Give One on One Attention

    We listen to our client’s questions and concerns to find a policy that fits your needs.

  • We’re Partnered With 30+ Carrier Partnerships

    Unlike captive insurance agents, we are independent and work with a variety of insurance companies to make sure you get the best deal.

  • We Offer Unique Coverage Options

    There are innumerable types of insurance that offer a variety of coverage. We can cover just about anything.

  • We Have Clients Across Texas

    We understand insurance requirements that vary by state, so you don’t have to.

Home Insurance in Lindale, TX


Can my homeowner’s insurance be canceled?

Your homeowner’s insurance can be non-renewed, so at the end of your policy contract your coverage expires and you must find a new provider. You should have adequate notice to research new coverage options.

How much homeowner’s insurance do I need?

You need a policy that will cover the structure of your home for its rebuild value. You’ll also want to insure your personal belongings, which is usually 50-70% of your home's value. Depending on the value of your possessions, you may need additional coverage.

Lastly, you’ll need liability insurance so you aren’t held responsible for any injuries that occur on your property.

Auto Insurance in Lindale, TX


Does my car insurance in Lindale, TX, cover rental cars?

Maybe. If your car is damaged or in an accident, you could be provided with or reimbursed for a rental vehicle.

If you have comprehensive, collision, or liability coverage for your personal vehicle, these benefits typically extend to cover a rental car as well.

Speak with an agent for more information about your specific policy.

Do I need insurance for recreational vehicles, boats, & ATVs?

Boats and ATVs are not legally required to have insurance in the state of Texas. RV insurance is mandatory, but we highly recommend you insure any valuable property or property where you or others may be injured.

RV insurance coverage can be tricky because there are multiple classes of RV licenses, and the RV classification can include travel trailers, fifth wheels, campers, and motorhomes.

For a boat, ATV, or RV insurance quote, fill out our online form here.

Business Insurance in Lindale, TX


What drives the cost of commercial insurance in Lindale, TX?

Several factors contribute to your business insurance premium, including:

  • The number of employees on your payroll
  • The number of company assets you’ll need to insure
  • What risks are associated with your unique industry
  • Personal preference in regards to taking risks and the amount of coverage you’d like

Do I need an insurance agent who specializes in small businesses?

Yes, it can be helpful to have an agent who’s familiar with small businesses and has assisted small business owners before. We build relationships with small business clients so as their business grows, their insurance coverage can, too. We can help tailor your insurance policy to your specific needs in different stages of company growth.

Life Insurance in Lindale, TX


What does it mean for a policy to be fully paid up?

It means you’ve paid your monthly premium enough times that your policy is paid for the rest of your life. Your life insurance company will then use the cash value to pay your premium until your death.

What is the return of premium feature?

Some policies have a feature that gives you a refund for some or all of your premium at the end of the term period if no death benefit was paid. It’s important that you never miss a payment to take advantage of this feature.

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