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4 Reasons You Need an Insurance Agent

Sure, you could spend hours filling out forms and comparing prices online. But here are a few ways an agent can save you time and money - at no cost to you.

Convenient, One Stop Shopping
Working with multiple insurers means we find you affordable insurance to cover a variety of needs.

Advocates on Your Behalf
If you have a billing, claim, or policy concern, our brokers represent your interests from Palestine to the insurance company.

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Personal Advice
Working with clients face-to-face gives us an opportunity to listen to their needs and concerns. Low cost insurance in Palestine, TX, doesn’t necessarily mean the best coverage, so we balance your budget with your coverage needs.

Lasting Relationships
We will periodically review your coverage, and walk with you through life changes, from buying your first home, adding your teenager to the auto policy, and planning for end of life care.

Whether you’re insuring your car, motorcycle, home, or hobby, our insurance agents represent your best interests. Call Enright Group Insurance today for more information.

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Enright Group Insurance is the Leader in Palestine, TX

  • We Never Sell A Policy You Don’t Need

    Bundling can help you save, but you don’t want to be stuck with a policy you don’t really need. Let us help you navigate gap coverage, bundling, and more.

  • We Tailor Your Insurance to Your Lifestyle

    Certain professions come with risks, certain hobbies have expensive equipment, and certain neighborhoods are more prone to natural disaster. We take all of your specifics into account when finding your policy.

  • We Have Unmatched Product Knowledge

    Our insurance brokers have years of experience, so you know your coverage is in good hands.

  • Complimentary Assistance

    You never pay for assistance with your insurance at Enright Group.

Home Insurance in Palestine, TX


Why is it important to have renter’s insurance?

At most rental properties in Texas, the landlord will require renter’s insurance. This is because landlords insurance protects the building itself, but the belongings inside each unit are not covered unless the renter insures their own belongings. Luckily, renters insurance is very affordable, averaging out to about $20 per month in Texas for most people.

How much does homeowner’s insurance cost?

It completely depends on the value of your home and the possesions inside. Some homeowner’s in Palestine pay as little as $300 per year, while others invest about $4000 annually to protect their homes.

One of our insurance agents in Palestine can assist you in calculating the value of your assets to choose the right amount of coverage.

Auto Insurance in Palestine, TX


When should I drop my comprehensive auto insurance?

You can just have the state minimum insurance after you’ve paid off the car, and the title is in your name. However, you’ll still need collision insurance to be covered in the case of an accident where you are at fault. Without comprehensive car insurance, you will be financially responsible for damages from theft, vandelism, hail damage, and more.

Car insurance in Palestine, TX, can be complicated. Work with an Enright Group Insurance agent today to find the best insurance coverage at an affordable rate.

Business Insurance in Palestine, TX


What are some ways to keep my business insurance expenses down?

You’ll want to review your policy annually to make sure you aren’t paying for coverage you don’t need any more. We can review worker’s compensation insurance, general liability insurance, property insurance, and more to see if a lower rate is available to you.

We can also review your deductibles, look for multi-policy discounts, and help you asses the risks you’re willing to take moving forward.

Life Insurance in Palestine, TX


What is universal life insurance?

This is a permanent life insurance policy that allows an individual to invest long term, with low monthly premiums similar to a term life policy.

The excess of your premium payments, once your policy is fully paid up, will begin to be credited to the cash value of the policy, and collect interest. The beneficiaries will only receive the death benefit to cover funeral expenses, pay a mortgage if necessary, etc. 

How does disability insurance work?

Disability insurance replaces part of your monthly income if you are ill and injured, resulting in an inability to complete the responsibilities of your job.

If you enter into a disability insurance agreement, your monthly payments to the insurance company will guarantee a monthly stipend if you are ever unable to earn a paycheck that can be used however you want. This could be everything from groceries to medical bill to childcare.

Umbrella Insurance in Palestine, TX


What is umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance covers insurance products and services that don’t fit neatly into another category like protection against false arrest, libel, or slander. 

Umbrella insurance is beneficial for individuals who have considerable assets, or are in a profession that puts them at a high risk of being sued or injuring others.

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