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We Do More than Sell Insurance.

We build relationships. Here’s how we can help:

We hear your concerns and get back to you quickly with a dedicated service team to assist you. This can mean the difference between claims resolved in days, rather than weeks or months.

Help Throughout the Process
Even after you’ve chosen an insurance policy or filed a claim, our job isn’t done yet. We are available to help you throughout the claims process or with questions about your policy.

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Consistent Communication
Big companies in the insurance industry may take months to process a claim, and don’t communicate the status of your claim in the meantime.

Our insurance agents work directly with their clients, so they have a great understand of your policies, can check up on claims, and can quickly catch mistakes.

Coverage Reviews
We encourage all clients to have regular reviews of their policies to make sure they are getting the best rates, coverage, and customer service.

You will have different insurance needs in different stages of life. You can cound on Enright Group Insurance to be there every step of the way, from your first car to starting a small business.

From umbrella insurance to business insurance in Rusk, TX, you can trust Enright Group Insurance to find the best coverage at the right price. Call or request a quote online today.

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Enright Group Insurance is the Leader in Rusk, TX

  • We Are Independent Agents

    Unlike captive agents, independent agents work for multiple insurance companies. We work with more than 30 carriers to make sure you get the best coverage possible.

  • We Customize Your Coverage

    Each person will have unique insurance needs based on factors like their job, stage of life, location, and more. We take all of these elements into consideration to find a policy or bundle that works for you.

  • Exceptional Customer Service

    Our customer service team can assist you with questions about your policy, claims, and adjusting your coverage.

  • All Services Are Complimentary

    You never pay for advice from your insurance agent.

Home Insurance in Rusk, TX


What might be excluded from my basic homeowner’s insurance?

Basic home and property insurance in Rusk, TX, will not include automobiles on the property, watercrafts, business property, animales or livestock, flood damage, earthquakes or earth movement, nuclear damage, and more. Be sure to read the fine print carefully, as many people are suprised to learn that water that backs up in sewers or drains and causes water damage may not be covered by home insurance.

There are also specific limits to what property can be insured, so expensive items like antiques, jewlery, and guns may need additional coverage. For more information on flood, earthquake, hurricane, and other insurance add-ons, contact an insurance sales agent at Enright Group Insurance.

Watercraft & Auto Insurance in Rusk, TX


Do I need to pay for RV insurance event during the months I’m not using my recreational vehicle?

It’s possible to reduce your coverage to storage-only protection. That means in the months you aren’t using your RV, it wouldn’t be protected in the event of a colission, but it would protect against theft, vandalism, weather, falling objects, and damage from animals.

You take a risk if you park your RV somewhere around other vehicles. Another driver parking in the same lot could ding or crash into your RV, and you wouldn’t have coverage. Many people keep full coverage on their RV or travel trailer year round for this reason.

Request an online RV insurance quote today.

Does my boat insurance cover a colission, even if somone else is driving the boat?

For jet skis to pontoon boats, liability coverage is a must if you’re going to be on the water. But what if you let someone else take the wheel? Unless you have an umbrella policy of some kind, your boat insurance coverage probably doesn’t include more than other drivers. You can check the specifics of your policy with your insurance agent.

For a boat insurance quote, contact Enright Group Insurance today.

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